Jeza Belle - Drag Queen, Comedian, Author, and Speaker


Jeza Belle is an award-winning author, comedian, writer, producer and speaker. Jeza's acting credits include the webseries "Jeza and the Belles" that she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in, as well as comedic perfomances all over, including the world famous Caroline's on Broadway.


As a writer, Jeza Belle has contributed to numerous publications in multiple countries, including her own celebrity interview column on Starpulse. In addition, Jeza's compilation cocktail cookbook "The Harlot's Guide to Classy Cocktails" won numerous awards. Jeza's screenplays have also won and placed in multiple film festivals and recently made the top 10% in the super competitive Academy Awards Nicholl Fellowship!!! 


Jeza Belle also appears as a guest speaker at various events, speaking on issues of diversity, race, culture, and religion all through the lens of the LGBT community.