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Jeza's Jesus Juice: A Drag Queen's Christian Devotional

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Winner- Best LGBTQ Non-Fiction
Winner- Best Christian Book 

LGBTQ+ people are under constant attack, especially by those who claim the mantle of Christ. It’s not popular or easy to be a Christian and a member of our marginalized community. On the right we have conservatives that claim to speak for God who try to block our path. On the left we have those who have been harmed by the church and balk at our continued belief. We are left in the middle to try to reconcile a religion that appears to demonizes us and a God who loves us unconditionally.


Jeza’s Jesus Juice is a rare safe space for those who are committed to their faith but do not know where to go to deepen it. It is also a place for those searching for meaning in Christianity that does not negate their queer identity. This devotional provides personal stories, biblical apologetics, and damning indictments of today’s evangelical movement, all served up frothy over ice by one of America’s premier and unique drag talents. 

Published by Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf & Stock

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Jeza's Jesus Juice can be purchased in any country from the Publisher's Website or on Amazon, Allstora, Barnes & Noble, etc. 

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